Introduction to Samsung’s Storage Software Group in San Diego

Rory Bolt
Samsung (formerly with oProximal Data)
An informal talk about the entrepreneurial path leading to the formation of Samsung’s Storage Software Group in San Diego, the enterprise storage products under development, and a storage veteran’s perspective on the future of storage in the enterprise.
Speaker Biography: 
Mr. Rory Bolt is Vice President, Storage Software Group at Samsung Semiconductor. Mr Bolt joined Samsung through the acquisition of Proximal Data, where he was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Mr Bolt has worked as a member of the Chief Technology Office of both NetApp and EMC. Mr. Bolt served as Chief Technology Officer of Avamar Technologies, Inc. Mr. Bolt has more than 25 years of experience in data storage systems, data protection systems, and high performance computing. Prior to joining Avamar, he held the position of Vice President, Distinguished Fellow, and Chief Storage Architect of Quantum Storage Solutions Group. Mr. Bolt co-founded @Backup, a service provider of online backup and storage for protecting systems over the Internet., and served as its Chief Technology Officer. As a development manager at OpenVision, he was responsible for the Unitree hierarchical storage management system that served as the basis for the IEEE Mass Storage Reference Model. He also served Stac Electronics, Spin Physics division of Eastman Kodak, and Fujitsu Systems of America. At Floating Point Systems, he was responsible for vector processor management software, hardware simulation software and the network service processor. Mr. Bolt has over a dozen storage related patents. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering from the University of California, San Diego.