HPC Storage Systems: Serving Data to the Lunatic Fringe

Brad Settlemyer
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Before the popularity of big data infrastructure, the largest storage systems in the world were found almost exclusively within High Performance Computing (HPC) data centers. Although HPC storage systems are no longer the largest in terms of total capacity, they continue to address problems unique to simulation-based scientific inquiry. In this talk, Brad Settlemyer discusses why and how HPC storage systems differ from their commercial-world counterparts, how storage system research impacts the HPC data center, and the research and development efforts needed for HPC storage systems in the coming decade.
Speaker Biography: 
Brad Settlemyer is a storage systems researcher and systems programmer specializing in high performance computing. He received his Ph.D in computer engineering from Clemson University in 2009 and works as a research scientist in Los Alamos National Laboratory’s HPC Design group. He has published papers on emerging storage systems, long distance data movement, network modeling, and storage system algorithms.